Advanced Canine Hydrotherapy Treatment Techniques

Advanced Canine Hydrotherapy Treatment Techniques

Advanced Certificate SEG ABC Awards QLS Level 5 online course

This innovative course brings advanced clinical practice direct to you. The multiformat resources include our unique instructional K9 Technical Videos (K9TV) demonstrating moment by moment treatment techniques. You see real practice alongside detailed technical skill demonstrations of advanced hydrotherapy treatment techniques. These are supported by scientific facts supporting techniques, annotated visuals, video links, articles, clinical tools, templates, downloadable PDFs and workbooks.

The course consists of six units, each divided into seminars representing a total of 245 learning hours of study. You choose when and where you study, at your pace and on your terms. You can watch each K9TV as many times as you wish and the course is fully compatible with Apple and Android on mobile, tablet and computer.

You are also welcomed to the K9HS Community for the duration of your course and this closed membership group provides you with support, additional resources and mentoring by canine specialist, Barbara Houlding GradDipPhys, MScVetPhys, FIRVAP. Your questions are valued and Barbara will source and share solutions with you.

By sharing advanced treatment techniques built on clinical expertise and supported by scientific knowledge, we aim to empower you and your treatment techniques so you can offer the best service to the dogs in your professional care.

Course units:

  1. Building advanced clinical skills
  2. Clinic Enrichment treatment techniques
  3. Therapeutic Handling treatment techniques
  4. Terra and Aquatic Movement Shaping treatment techniques
  5. Proprioceptive Paw Placement (PPP) + Alignment treatment techniques
  6. Therapeutic Showering + Drying treatment techniques

Who is this course for?

It's ideal for canine hydrotherapists, physiotherapists, animal therapists, veterinary nurses and veterinary professionals, wishing to progress their hydrotherapy clinical skills and service. It is strongly recommended as a minimum you are a holder of the SEG ABC Awards Level 3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy or equivalent.

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